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Hi Im Teyarna but I also go by the name 'hyperkilia or Kilia'

I'm a 22 year old self taught artist, I started drawing when I could hold a pencil in my hand, the main thing I always drew as a child was horses, I'd sit in school sketching horses and sometimes eagles. Around 2007 I started to get into Anime and coppied screen shots and other things in order to learn how to draw the animme style, 2010 I started creating my own characters, my first been a lioness (Lion cub) named Kilia who's basically been the huge foundation of my artwork, I created more characters through the years and in 2013-15 I created three other characters who had become another foundation in different styles, A cheetah Named Duna, A cat/horse Shifter Lydar and another cat/horse shifter Lyra.

In 2013 I started charging for pet portrait commissions, I started to take my art more seriously and started a TAFE course in Illustration, I also decided to enter a drawing into an art competition at the Royal Adelaide show and got 1st place in the digital art section.

2014 I kept up with taking comissions and entered the Royal again but never placed (there was only 1st place this year)

2015 I took a huge leap and got even more commissions and got 3rd place at the Royal Adelaide show, I started doing more detailed and larger artwork.  This year I also started looking into horse anatomy and learning how to draw a horses body.

2016 I took a break from comission work and opened my horizons to traditional art, starting dabbling in watercolours and pastels, I placed 2nd at the Royal Adelaide show this year.

2017 I pushed more with watercolours and pastels, also learning more about light and shadow and also pushing with human anatomy. I went out of my comfort zone and did a bunch of fish comissions that were then to be put onto T-shirts.

Email me for imformation on commissions :) 


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