How much are your commissions?

Pet commissions

1 head shot is 75

2 head shots 115

3 head shots 192

All currency in AUD



I've not worked anything out for Illustrations as of yet. But if your interested in something just send an email. 

Will you draw Nude/Sexual drawings?

NO I will not be drawing Sexual drawings. I will draw very mild Nudity drawings. As long as kept clean. 

What do you use?

For Digital artwork I use Graphics tablet Intuos 5 and Photoshop Cs2

(This does not mean the computer does the work for me!. I've been asked by quiet a few people offline if the computer does the work for me. No it does not. The graphics tablet works as paper and the stylus as a pen/Pencil or paint brush. I do all the work, from the sketching right down to the colours and the fur detail. 

Traditional I use Prismacolor penicils and Copic markers and usualy any graphite pencils for sketching. I use Copic multiliners for outlining my artwork.

How long will it take for you to complete my commissions?

It will take any thing from a few weeks to a couple of months.  It really depends on what Im drawing, how many people have commissioned me and my TAFE homework. 

But I will always try my hardest with getting it done within the time frame that your wanting :). If you need it by a certain day then you might need to commission me weeks/months before hand. Just incase and also let me know when you need it done by.


I commissioned you but Im not sure when to pay?

You are to send partial payment of 20 aud for the 75 aud commission, for the others its 50 aud, you send this after I sent the sketch through and when your happy with it. You send the final payment when your happy with the final drawing

My paypal is hyperkilia@outlook.com 

Can I use your drawings?

Unless you have payed for it then No. I work really hard on every drawing that I have done and I will be devestated if I find it anywhere else without my permission. 

If you payed for it by all means you can use it for what ever you want BUT please give credit. 

Do you take request's, trades or do collabs?

The answer is no. I will do for people who are VERY close friends but not just for the guy next door in a way to speak. 

Will you look at my art?

By all means I will :). Im horrible at giving tips to people but I will be more than happy to take a look at your artwork. Just let me know and link me to your drawings. 

Can I commission you for a drawing of someone else's character

Of course as long as they are fine with it or if it's a gift for them. If your wanting a drawing of a Disney character for example then yes I will :). Give me some reffs though.